Drink some water!20131227_Glass

Pour it into your cup, glass, hands or whatever is close to you and look at its character. It is liquid and wet. It is crystal clear and you can see through it and yet it holds the shape it is given by the container you had at hand. You know that your container will not last. It is transitory. Your container will fade away and the water it once held will still be around.

Now lift it up to your mouth and close your eyes while you start drinking slowly. It loses its shape and runs into your mouth. You take in the first mouthful and feel it going down your throat and into your body; your body that is made from the same living liquid. You feel it entering every cell of your structure. And if it has not revealed its everlasting, unbroken power to you already, you shall now see clear that it is this liquid that cleans you and keeps you alive. It is the water that keeps you alive.

It is the same water that has been all around this planet since it had first formed and then vaporised into steam until it came back to be water again. It might have changed its form. It might even have split up into its elements. But it came back to be what it is now. It is the water that you are drinking right now that has been going around in circles.

Imagine all the places it has already been to. Every drop has its own story to tell. It’s been everywhere. It went through mountains, lakes, rivers and down waterfalls. It was part of plants and trees and rain and it went down into the earth and came back to daylight at a well. The sun heated it up and it became steam and it was blown around by the wind as a cloud. It became part of all the seas and it was a wave in the wide ocean. And now imagine all other people and creatures that already had it in their bodies. And every drop of it came back to you. You are connected to all these places and souls through the water that you are drinking right now. In fact you are connected to everything through every drop of water that you will ever drink and that will ever touch you. And it will be a part of you until it leaves you again and goes on. And it goes on and on until it comes back around.

There is no end to water as it travels on in that circle that it’s always called home. You are a part of this circle now and you have always been as much as you will always be a part of it. The circle of life.

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