Bllows Your Mind is a band project between five friends, which I’ve been a part of as a drummer and percussionist since march 2014 . Except for Richard Schlesinger who replaced Oliver Forstner, I have already worked together creatively with all the members in the past. Manuel Gaviria was one of the founders of SugarfreeX, hence we’ve been making music in multiple band arrangements since 2006. I graduated from school together with Lisa Kothmayr and have worked with Lydia Grandner in a school choir/band/orchestra project of our school AHS Heustadelgasse for many years. The same counts for Oliver and Benjamin Grund, both part of this project till march 2015.

We play street performances in Vienna as often as we can and present a mixed repertoire of acoustically interpreted radiohits with a changing setup of two guitars, a ukulele, a cajon and three to four voices. About every other month we’re booked for private birthday parties and corporate celebrations.